Keep calm and communicate – how Words2Win is helping you communicate through the COVID-19 crisis.


A crisis is not the time to stop communications, as we explain in the article Four reasons to communicate in a crisis. But, it’s also not easy when times are tight, so at Words2Win, we’ve put together some offers to help make it easier for you to communicate in times of COVID-19. Here’s what we’re doing to help.

1. Additional content in our 3,6, & 12 month plans – Our content writing plans offer from one to four pieces of content a month, over a period of one quarter to one year. For the next 6 months, we’re offering additional content within the plans. For every six pieces of content within your plan, you’ll receive one additional extra piece of content.

You could use this to re-iterate your value, advise customers on how you have adapted your product or service to meet their changing needs, develop webinar content, develop internal communications to your team. Any message that you need to communicate to help you help your clients. I’d like to talk about my content plan

2. Extended payment for content plans – payment for content plans can be spread over the period of the plan. There will be a deposit payable, with the balance payable in monthly instalments for the duration of the plan.

3. Grants – local and state Governments are offering grant funding to help businesses continue to invest in their business and keep it running in this time of crisis. If you write an application for a grant, Words2Win will review it free of charge and provide feedback to help increase your chances of success. Yes I’d like grant help

4. Grants – if you’d like Words2Win to write your grant application, we’ll do so on the basis of an upfront deposit, and we’ll only invoice for the balance if you’re successful in obtaining the grant. Yes I’d like grant help

5. Content writing skills – if you’d like to learn how to write your own great content and develop skills that will take you way beyond this crisis, we run a ‘Create Compelling Content’ workshop, plus consulting session. We’ve held the early bird price of $990 (+GST) as the regular price. Price was due to go up to $1200 from 1st April. Details, prospectus and bookings.

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