How tech companies can win more business using the power of words

Many technology companies are great at what they do, with innovative products and services. But whilst they’re comfortable talking about the ‘what’ of their products – the tech specs – they struggle to explain the ‘so what’- the value that their products deliver. If that’s you, you could be missing out on opportunity – because customers don’t buy products, they buy value.


about the book


In Connect, Convince, Convert, Carol Benton shares with you the techniques and tools you need to communicate effectively in the world of tech. This book will help you build your skills, knowledge and confidence in communicating with your market.

Carol explains the communication methodology she developed based on 30 years in the tech industry, designed to help you get from ‘what’ to ‘so what’. She shows you how to connect with your audience, convince them to engage, and convert them to loyal customers. She takes you through how to create a message strategy, which will underpin all your communication and ensure it is consistent, clear and customer focussed. She explains the 10 forms of business communication that all tech companies need, with templates and guidance for creating each one. She gives in depth and guidance on how to ensure that at each stage of the customer journey, your communication is doing its job to connect, convince or convert. This is a highly practical book, with exercises and worksheets to ensure that you can put Carol’s methodology to work in your tech business.


you’ll discover…

· How to create the message strategy that underpins all communication.
· The ten communication formats that all businesses need.
· Practical tips, workbooks, and templates that will help you to create your own highly effective business communication.
· Real-life, practical examples of how the Connect, Convince, Convert methodology has helped organisations just like yours.

About the author


Carol Benton has a degree in languages, 30 years in technology multinationals, and over six years running her own communication consulting practice, Words2Win.

She approaches business communication as a form of ‘translation’ – taking complex technical information and turning it into a message that clearly conveys business value. She helps tech companies get to the heart of the value they offer and create messages that connect, convince and convert.

Carol’s expertise is based on world class business experience and a talent for verbal and written communication. She spent three decades in corporate sales and marketing –in technology powerhouse and world leading brand IBM, and as General Manager (ANZ) for Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. Carol has written, reviewed and delivered business content that won IBM and Toshiba millions of dollars of business with clients in the UK and Australia.

Corporate life gave Carol access to outstanding sales, marketing and leadership training at The London Business School, The Macquarie Graduate School of Management and the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Carol has a skill for taking an idea and representing it in the most appropriate form for the audience. She can quickly get to the heart of what a solution offers and then she helps her clients translate from ‘what we do’ to ‘what benefits the client’.

Above all, Carol believes that language is a powerful business tool and wants to help her clients find their Words to Win.

We all know that communication is at the very heart of a successful business.

· Nobody connects with someone they don’t understand.
· Nobody takes in a message that doesn’t speak to them.
· Nobody buys something that doesn’t add value.


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Communication is the difference between having great tech and having a thriving business. With this book, you’ll learn the secrets to harnessing the power of communication to win, and keep, more clients. Read the book, implement the methodology and grow your business.

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