Your message is crucial to winning more customers

Words are a powerful business tool and the way you use them is central to growing your business.

But it’s not easy to capture the core of your message and communicate it in meaningful terms. We all know what we do, but that’s not the same as putting it into words, why it matters.

Words2Win helps you craft and use a clear, customer-focussed and persuasive message strategy, to better attract and convert potential customers. We get you from ‘what’ to ‘so what’. Here’s how we do it.

Identify your value

Create the foundations for communication success. Identify your message strategy, based on the seven elements of an effective value message. Review current communications and bridge the gaps.

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Share your value

Communication training to ensure that your team delivers the message in a way that is heard, understood and actioned by prospective customers.

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Articulate your value

Bid management, tender and response writing to showcase your capabilities and win the deal.

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Propose your value

Bid management, tender and response writing to showcase your capabilities and win the deal.

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Could your message be losing customers?

Are these common issues diminishing your message or impacting your ability to connect with your audience?

Insider Knowledge

This can be a blessing and a curse. Knowing something so well from the inside can make it hard to see your solution from a customer’s perspective. It’s easy to fall into the trap of selling what the product or service does, and how it works, in place of the benefits and how you deliver value.

Inconsistent Communication

Inconsistency undermines a strong message. It clouds understanding of the true value you provide. This often happens when messages are created in isolation for a single piece of collateral such as the website, brochure or presentation. Crafting and planning your messaging first, increases how relevant and influential it will be to your customers, and sets the foundation for all communications.

Lack of Clarity

A lack of clarity happens when there is no strategy behind the messaging or it is focused on the wrong things. Understanding how your audience perceives value ensures that your message is heard, understood and actioned.

Win more business with messaging that is clear, customer-focussed and consistent

  • Discover your winning messages and communicate these effectively in written and verbal formats.
  • Build a defining message that is clear, consistent and customer-focussed.
  • Craft a message that communicates your value, engages your audience and helps you win more business.


  • I had the opportunity to present about my business, but was nervous and unsure of how to approach it. Words2Win explained to me that 90% of the success of the presentation was in the work I did beforehand. I couldn’t believe the results - I said everything I needed to say, I generated plenty of interest, and nobody could believe it was my first ever presentation.

    Ronak Moussavi, Director, Sucker Punch Fitness
  • As engineers, we were very good at telling the world about our technical skills and production processes. But we knew that in order to continue to grow the business, we had to be able to communicate our value, in terms our customers and partners would understand. Words2Win helped us to identify key pieces of our knowledge and put them into explanatory articles. They help us get found in searches and offer real value to site visitors.

    Mike Mitchell, Managing Director, CEO, NeoProducts
  • There is no better way to explain what we do, and how we help our clients than to tell their stories. I had a very positive response to the case studies Words2Win developed, with over 50% of the recipients contacting me back for more information. We feel confident that we’re clearly communicating the value we deliver to our clients.

    Doron Rom, Managing Director, IMI
  • Words2Win ran a workshop that helped us to distil and clarify exactly what we want to say to the market. We captured what drives us, who we help, what we offer them and the difference it makes. It was a really useful process to go through, and a good structure to get the leadership team together and focused on our message.

    Catriona Byrne, Creative Director, Risesmart Australia
  • Our team spends a lot of time face to face with clients, and we wanted to make sure they had the skills they needed. The Words2Win training sessions focused on helping our teams to keep the client uppermost in their mind and gave them practical tips for communicating the IMI message clearly.

    Tony Younes, General Manager, National Services, IMI
  • Our team often make presentations to vendors or clients about Sektor, and whilst they are all good at it, their approaches lacked consistency. Words2Win helped us define our value proposition and differentiators consistently and put them into a presentation format. It’s helped us explain clearly what we do and what we offer and we know that whoever is presenting, they are going to cover all the key points.

    Cameron Arnold, Director, Sektor
  • Having a strategy in place meant that everything we did from there referred back to our key messages. It saves reinventing the wheel every time we create a piece of marketing content, and ensures that we are 100% consistent in our communications. We have a strong, clear and consistent message that is helping us to grow the business.

    Lawrence Pelletier, Sales and Marketing Director, Redcat
  • Words2Win shapes a response that clearly answers each question and articulates our value. Government tenders now include social procurement objectives – Words2Win has helped us with research and making introductions to appropriate social procurement organisations. They are totally committed to helping us win, and we feel we are working with a partner who is really helping to grow our business.

    Justin Lowe, Executive Director, ASI
  • We worked with Words2Win on a refresh of our website. Carol made the whole process easy - helping to draw out the key messages about our value, our clients and our products, writing the content, and managing the design work. We're extremely happy with the outcome - we now have a site that we are keen to point people to and which has generated leads for our business.

    Scott Munro, FutureNet
  • I worked with Words2Win on the my ‘Adventure Mum’ website. Carol asked the right questions to draw out experiences and information that I wouldn't have thought of including. She wrote the content in 'my voice', was thoroughly professional and efficient and ensured that the words on my website really conveyed the message that I want to share.

  • We engaged Words2Win to manage an RFP response for us, and were delighted with Carol’s approach and expertise, which we believe was an important factor in us winning the tender. Carol helped us to articulate our value proposition, our win themes and our story, and was organised, methodical and easy to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Carol to any company that wants a highly polished proposal.

    Evan Thomas, Networking Division Manager, Sektor
  • I had the good fortune to meet Carol Benton recently and engaged her to write a proposal for a business idea that I wanted to present in a very professional manner to a local government organisation. Carol took up the challenge and certainly over delivered on all aspects of the endeavour.

    Nanette Ferguson - Business Coach, College Coaching
  • Working with Carol was far too easy. Having a large amount of information to convey seemed difficult for me to narrow down. Carol’s expertise shone through as she moulded and created documents and copy I was humbled to read. Many thanks to you Carol and look forward to working with you more in the future!

    Simon Clark, The Shift Initiator

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