Create Compelling Content

  • Do you struggle to explain the value of what you offer?
  • Would you like to win more new clients or repeat business?
  • Do you stand out as an expert in your field, or are you just one of the crowd?
  • Do you find it hard to create content that engages your audience?

If you can’t explain what you do, and how you add value, you’re almost certainly missing out on business opportunity.

It’s not always easy to communicate your value, but the good news is that you can learn to create content that is clear and compelling.

In Create Compelling Content, Words2Win takes you on a journey to build your skills, knowledge and confidence in communicating to convert.

Create Compelling Content is a program of two one-day workshops plus additional one-on-one coaching sessions. The group environment gives you the chance to learn and workshop with the invaluable feedback of other like-minded business people.

During the program, you’ll:

  1. Develop a message strategy, incorporating all seven elements of great communication.
  2. Learn what makes a message compelling and engaging.
  3. Learn how to speak your customers’ language.
  4. Understand how to build credibility and be seen as the go-to expert in your field.
  5. Create an elevator pitch and a positioning statement.
  6. Learn the structures for creating key communication pieces, such as case studies, with re-usable templates.

To learn how to build compelling content and truly connect with your customer, join us online on Thursday, May 14th for part one of the Create Compelling Content program with part two on Thursday 21st May.

Places are strictly limited to 8 per program, to maximise the value for each participant.

Complete program package is $990 (+GST)

Learn more below:

We all know that communication is at the very heart of a successful business.

  • Nobody connects with someone they don’t understand.
  • Nobody takes in a message that doesn’t speak to them.
  • Nobody buys something that doesn’t add value.

Being able to engage, and explain how you help is the first and most crucial step to winning new business opportunity.

Many businesses are great at what they do but just find it hard to explain their value clearly. Their existing clients love them, but it’s hard to engage with new contacts to expand the business.

If that sounds like you, the good news is that you can learn the skills you need to engage with your audience and win new customers.

In Create Compelling Content, Words2Win will share with you the techniques and tools you need to create content that converts. We’ll help you build your skills, knowledge and confidence in communicating with your market.

Who should attend?

The program is designed for you if you:

  • Own or work in a small or medium business.
  • Are great at what you do, just not always so great at explaining it.
  • Feel like your audience just doesn’t quite ‘get’ what you do.
  • Fumble for an answer when someone asks what you do.
  • Have expertise but can’t seem to make yourself stand out.
  • Have a website that is all about you, and nothing about your audience.
  • Don’t ever publish on social media because you don’t have the confidence.
  • Want great content but don’t have the budget for a professional writer.
  • Avoid situations where you have to present your business.
  • Don’t know where to start when someone asks for an overview of your business. Don’t have a high win rate with your proposals.
  • Aren’t confident in your writing skills.

Does it work?

The program is based on Words2Win’s 30+ years of business communication experience. It includes structured exercises, tools and techniques and plenty of real examples of great (and not-so-great) communication in practice. The Words2Win approach has been proven over many years of helping businesses to communicate effectively to win more business.

What/where/when/how long?

The Create Compelling Content program runs as two one-day group workshops, delivered a week apart, plus a one-hour individual coaching/support session.

What is covered in the workshops? 

During the program, you’ll:

  1. Develop a message strategy, incorporating the seven elements of great communication. The strategy will underpin all your content, making sure it is clear and consistent.
  2. Learn what makes a message compelling.
  3. Learn how to Speak Your Customers’ Language – understand the ‘two languages of business’ and when and how to use each of them
  4. Create an Elevator Pitch and a Positioning Statement – two of the ‘must have’ pieces of content for any business
  5. Learn the structures behind creating key content pieces – including case studies, proposals and presentations.
  6. Learn the value of ‘plain language’ and how to write it.
  7. Understand how form and structure enhances (or detracts from) your message.
  8. Understand how to build credibility to be seen as the go-to expert in your field.
  9. Receive a range of reusable templates to create your content in the future.

What will I get out of the program?

After the program you’ll:

  • Have the skills and techniques to create a clear, compelling and consistent message.
  • Have a portfolio of resources to help you create your own content.
  • Have the confidence to take on opportunities to promote your business.
  • Be able to communicate with professional polish.
  • Be able to harness the power of words to grow your business.

I already post regularly on social media; why do I need the program?

Business communication and compelling content is so much more than posting online. It’s about building connections and credibility through a consistent, strategic message.

It certainly includes using social media, but it’s also about consistently delivering your message through website, emails, proposals, conversations and formal presentations.

Will I learn how to craft online content – for my website and social media?

Yes. You’ll learn what your message should contain (and what to leave out) and how to communicate that message through online and offline channels.

Will I learn how to improve my writing skills?

Yes. We learn how to write clearly, based on plain English, correct usage and clear structures that help to ensure your message gets through. We cover some of the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them. We use exercises that will give you plenty of opportunity to practice. You’ll also come away with a set of templates and checklists for formats including case studies, articles and executive summaries.

Will I learn how to deliver a presentation?

You’ll learn that 90% of a success in presenting lies in the preparation. You’ll learn the structures and techniques to develop a really compelling presentation. We don’t practice delivering presentations in the program. You could use your one-on-one coaching session to do this, or take up our executive presentation coaching package.

What does the one-on-one coaching cover?

The coaching is a one-on-one session to help you put into practice what you’ve learned. You can use it to ask further questions, or to review some content that you have written using the information in the program. Our aim is that you leave the program with the confidence and skills to write great content.

Book now to confirm your place 

To truly connect with your customer, join us online on May 14th & 21st 9.30am til 4pm for the Create Compelling Content program. Places are strictly limited to 8, to maximise the value for each participant. The complete program package is $990 (+GST). 


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