Carol Benton

About Carol Benton

The two sets of skills needed to produce effective, communicative and highly professional selling documents are world class sales experience and a talent for communicating in writing. Carol Benton ofWords2Win has that combination.
Carol spent 30 years in corporate sales and marketing – the majority in technology powerhouse and world leading brand IBM. Most recently, she held a regional leadership role as General Manager for A/NZ for the world’s leading point of sale provider, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. This experience means that Carol has seen, written and received a very large number of sales content of all sizes, formats and values. Her most recent corporate RFP response included input from twenty people across three countries. In her sales career, Carol wrote and managed proposals that won IBM and Toshiba millions of dollars in business with clients in the UK and Australia. As well as hand on sales experience, corporate life gave Carol unparalleled access to the best sales and marketing training available, including education at:

  • The London Business School
  • Macquarie Graduate School of Management
  • The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Carol has a skill for ‘translation’ – taking an idea and representing it in the most appropriate form for the audience. She can quickly get to the heart of what a solution offers and then she helps her clients translate from ‘what we do’ to ‘what benefits the client’. She has a passion for effective communication and a drive to find the words to communicate to people in terms that mean the most to them. She used this talent in her corporate career, representing IBM in print and television media.
Carol holds an honours degree in French and Spanish, speaks fluent French, and has a working knowledge of several other languages. As a language graduate and aficionado, she has impeccable attention to detail for structure, vocabulary and grammar.

She is a highly capable public speaker and certified as a Competent Toastmaster with Toastmasters International.
Above all, Carol believes that language is a powerful business tool and wants to help her clients use Words to Win.

words 2 win

Words2Win is a professional communication and business writing service. We write highly effective proposals and web content, or review and edit the work you have already done. We offer a coaching and education service to help your teams improve their writing skills.

Language is an important business tool, and its usage gives out vital messages about your company, your approach to your clients and your attention to detail. The right written words will support the spoken message from your sales team, present a unified communication and reinforce the professionalism of your company.  Effective written communication can help you to increase your win rate and grow your business.    


The Words2Win Methodology

We think of sales communication in terms of the end product – the proposal, the website, the flyer – and Words2Win is certainly in the business of helping you with these. But for these tools to be really effective, you need to have a clearly defined offer and value proposition first, and we’ve come up with the WORD methodology to take you through that process

W - Why

Why are Words important to your business in the age of digital communication ? What are your objectives for sales communication ?. Where are you now ?  The first stage of the process is a workshop to understand your objectives, to look at the Customer Communication Continuum and why it is so important to have the right message from the very first contact the prospective customer has with your company, and a consistent message across all forms of contact. This step also includes a review of  your current forms of communication to gauge your starting point. The outcome of this step is a Communication Report and a prioritised communication plan.   


O - Offer

What is your offer to clients ? Who do you help and how ? How do you differentiate yourself against competitors ?  The second step of the process addresses this critical question. So many business people cannot give a clear and concise answer to the question ‘what do you do ?’. We use tools and processes to help you articulate your answer. The outcome of this step is a clear, customer-focussed pitch that clearly tells your target market what you can do for them. 


R – Roadmap

Once you have defined what you offer the market, you need to develop it further into a compelling Value Proposition. The Value Proposition adds context to your offer –Using the Words2Win 7 step process, we include:
•    The customer – their business and the marketplace
•    The customer’s problem or opportunity
•    Your solution
•    Your expertise and credentials
•    The benefits of choosing your solution
•    Pricing
•    Next steps
The outcome is a document (approximately 1500 to 3000 words) that can be used as a stand-alone proposal, or as the executive summary for an RFP submission, and which forms the basis of all other deliverables. 



D – Deliverables

The Value Proposition gives us the building blocks for all other forms of sales communication.  Depending on the deliverables that best suit your business, we can develop:

  • Proposal
  • RFP response
  • Blog
  • Web Content
  • Flyer/Brochure
  • Presentation
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Customer Testimonial
  • Newsletter
  • Award Submission.