You need a message

You’re good at what you do; you have the product and/or service that can win in the marketplace, but you can’t always communicate the benefits effectively. 
Maybe you feel that the market doesn’t really ‘get’ what you do, how you add value. 
Maybe you suspect that some people may be visiting your website, or reading a brochure and not going any further, and you need to ensure that the first encounter really engages them. 
You need a message that is clear, and also consistent – through all forms of communication, digital or face to face. 


You need leads and growth

You’re a mid-size business that wants to grow.  You need to generate more leads, but don’t seem to have the bandwidth with your current resources and don’t have anyone dedicated to communications. You want to send out polished, detailed business proposals, and respond to tenders. You want to be able to win business with the corporates. But you don’t have the resources to write really professional, effective selling documents. You want to keep your sellers out with clients, identifying, qualifying and building opportunities, not tied to a desk writing proposals. 


You need help with ‘translation’

Chances are, you know your business inside out. This can be a curse as well as a blessing; sometimes, an intimate, behind the scenes, detailed knowledge makes it hard to see the solution from the client’s perspective.  It can be difficult to translate ‘what we do’ into ‘how we deliver value’. If your website talks all about you and your product/service, but not a great deal about your clients or how you help them in their business, then ‘translation’ might be the issue.