Countdown to connection – Are you ready to launch?

,At any given moment, there are hundreds of companies competing for your audience’s attention. There are over 1 billion websites in the world and experts estimate that we are exposed to anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 ads a day. 

If you google your own product or service, you’re likely to find hundreds of thousands of sites. We are bombarded with messages every waking hour; however, most of them won’t make a connection. 

Counting the ads

You may have heard the story about the marketing exec who decided to test this estimate of the number of ads we see in a day. The story goes that he stopped counting before he even left the house to go to work. Why? Because, he had already seen and heard so many ads by the time he’d listened to morning radio, skimmed the newspaper, made breakfast, and checked his email that he could say with confidence that 6,000 was a low estimate.   

Connection is being heard. When you connect, you find the people who are your target audience and give them a reason or desire to engage. You do this by speaking their language so that your voice cuts through the noise 


Connecting with your audience is essential for effective business communication, and you can make (or lose) that connection so quickly.  For example, estimates of how long users look at your website before deciding whether to stay vary from 50 milliseconds to 10 seconds. Think of the final countdown for a spaceship launch. 10…9…8… 

You have that amount of time to win your audience.  

Think of connection as being a spark. It’s not yet a burning flame, but with the right fuel, it could turn into one, and become something that generates heat and energy. However, it could also just as easily be extinguished if not nurtured.  

Making it count

A spark is a beginning, full of possibility.  Connection is the spark that can turn into the flame of effective communication.  

What could be the spark for your business? 

  • A catchy title on an article, something that ‘speaks their language’? 
  • A piece of content about the very issue your audience has been grappling with? 
  • A verbal pitch that succinctly describes how you could help them?  
  • An authentic and credible tone in a brochure or social media profile? 

Whatever the format, a spark is a message that speaks to your audience and makes them want to hear more.  

So it’s essential to make sure that your communication creates a spark of connection that you can nurture into a brightly burning flame.  

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